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LazerFM - Chicago, USA
This is my big toy.... Since July 2006, Overdrive Underground (ODU.FM) has played host to the hard working independent artists that struggle for ears. In 2008, a full format switch to electronic dance music brought a huge infusion of incredible programs that are unparalleled in their diversity. In January of 2012, ODU became LazerFM.com.... LISTEN TO LazerFM HERE
  INMO Systems - Chicago, USA
Innovative Motions (INMO) provides the hosting and the revolutionary podcast system that I use for the ShadowCast. I highly recommend this solid service to anyone who is currently using Pod-O-Matic, Soundcloud or any other service that includes unreasonable limitations to their service.
Passion Radio Bristol - Bristol, UK
Bristol UK's diverse cultural lifestyle is represented perfectly on the air with programs that vary from house, dubstep, reggae and pretty much everything in between. Passion also hosts the only on-air replay of The Shadows Of Night.... LISTEN TO PASSION RADIO BRISTOL HERE
Hola You - Spain Hola You - Fuerteventura, Spain
One of the current homes for Sector S. Hola You is where the Canary Islands find their 24/7 party and good times in listeninng, hosting a variety of local and syndicated music-based programming for a diverse listening audience ranging from pop and rock lovers to mix-based dance and EDM programs. LISTEN TO HOLA YOU HERE
FreshFM - Recklinghausen, Germany
One of the current homes for Sector S. This is a dual identity station that runs as cityRedio during the day, which also represents the local Recklinghausen culture, and Fresh at night to cater to the club scene with diverse programming that includes live broadcasts from the area on the FM frequency as well as online... LISTEN TO FRESH HERE
  Vivo La Radio - Mar del Plata / Buenos Aires, ARG 
Since 2008, Vivo La Radio has featured Cosmic Eclipse / Carnage and various other programs from Overdrive Underground. Today, LazerFM programs fill the airwaves at 104.9 FM and on their website every night. Check out LazerFM's sister South American network.